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The COSMO model is a limited area, non-hydrostatic model developed by a collaboration of National Weather Services called the COSMO Consortium. COSMO-CLM is an extension of the COSMO model to run long-term simulations in climate mode, developed by a collaboration of research universities.

An accelerated version of the COSMO model was developed during a priority project in the COSMO consortium and is used for operational weather forecasting at MeteoSwiss and by several research groups at ETH. More information about the accelerated version of COSMO can be found here.

Here is a diagram which shows the relation between the COSMO and COSMO-CLM official codes and the accelerated COSMO version, known as COSMO-POMPA (Performance On Massively Parallel Architectures) (accurate as of December 2018).

Official COSMO(-CLM) web resources

C2SM COSMO resources

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