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Modules at CSCS

Several libraries and applications are not directly available when opening a new shell. In order to use these applications, you have to use the module system available on all CSCS machines.

The basic commands are:

  • Which modules are available? module available gives you the list of all available modules.
  • Which modules do I already have? module list gives you the list of all modules that are already loaded for your shell.
  • How to load a new module? module load name_of_module loads the module called name_of_module.
  • How to unload a module? module unload name_of_module unloads the module called name_of_module.
  • How to switch from module A to module B? module swap module_A module_B unloads module_A and loads module_B (replacement of A by B)
  • What is included/defined in a module? module show name_of_module displays the "content" of the module called name_of_module.
  • What is this module? module help name_of_module provides some help for the module called name_of_module.
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