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Compile and run environment on Daint

The successful compilation and running of COSMO on Daint seems to be quite sensitive to some environment aspects and to the job specifications. Compiling and running in the environment described below worked for me (in February 2017). In case you experience troubles on Daint, please try to use this environment and job specifications. If it still doesn't work, just contact Katie Osterried or ask CSCS help for support.

Modules loaded

  1) modules/                 14) udreg/2.3.2-4.14
  2) eswrap/2.0.11-2.2                15) ugni/6.0.13-2.8
  3) pgi/16.9.0                       16) pmi/5.0.10-1.0000.11050.0.0.ari
  4) craype-haswell                   17) dmapp/7.1.0-16.18
  5) craype-network-aries             18) gni-headers/5.0.7-4.11
  6) craype/2.5.8                     19) xpmem/2.0.3_geb8008a-2.11
  7) cray-mpich/7.5.0                 20) job/2.0.2_g98a4850-2.43
  8) slurm/16.05.8-1                  21) dvs/2.5_2.0.70_g1ddb68c-2.144
  9) ddt/7.0                          22) alps/6.2.5-20.1
 10) ncurses/.6.0                     23) rca/2.0.10_g66b76b7-2.51
 11) libevent/.2.0.22                 24) atp/2.0.4
 12) libutempter/.1.1.6-3             25) PrgEnv-pgi/6.0.3
 13) tmux/2.3                         26) cray-netcdf/4.4.1


A suitable Makefile and Options file (for the PGI compiler) can be found in the git repository of COSMO. In case you don't know where it is, just contact Katie Osterried.

Job specifications (runscript)

#!/bin/bash -l

#SBATCH --job-name="cosmo"
#SBATCH --ntasks=44
#SBATCH --output=job.out
#SBATCH --time=00:30:00
#SBATCH --constraint=gpu

srun -u -n 44 ./cosmo
Of course you have to adapt this runscript to your needs: number of tasks, job name, path, name of the executable. spacer
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