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Accelerated COSMO version

A version of the COSMO model has been developed to run faster on CPUs as well as GPU accelerators. As of the end of 2018, these developments are not yet fully in the official version of COSMO, but they should be by February 2019. However, C2SM Members can access the MeteoSwiss version of the accelerated COSMO code at: https://github.com/C2SM-RCM/cosmo-pompa. (The accelerated version of COSMO is sometimes called "COSMO-POMPA", because POMPA (Performance On Massively Parallel Architectures) was the name of a priority project in the COSMO Consortium where some of the GPU developments were made.)

The accelerated version mandatorily requires to use of the dynamical core rewritten in C++. This dynamical core gives exactly the same results as the Fortran version and can be activated by a simple switch. It runs significantly faster both on CPU and GPU architectures.

Information on how to run the GPU version of COSMO at CSCS is found in:

For support using the accelerated COSMO version, please contact Katie Osterried spacer

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