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C2SM coordinates the retrieval of CMIP5/IPCC AR5 data for the use within the C2SM community.

Anyone within the C2SM community and the Swiss climate research community is invited to coordinate data usage. In addition, authors of the upcoming IPCC AR5 report are also welcome.

Due to the large amount of data, we will not be able to retrieve everything.


We download data based on a wish list submitted by the users.
An overview of the downloaded data can be found here http://iacweb.ethz.ch/staff/beyerleu/cmip5

Archive layout

The data is stored in subfolders experiment/table/variable/model/ensemble/

Example: historical/Amon/tasmax/GISS-E2-R/r1i1p1/

Accessing the data

  • Our main CMIP5 data archive is located at ETH
  • We provide rsync access to the ETH archive
  • A recent copy of the ETH archive is also availabe at CSCS

Please contact Urs Beyerle to obtain access and detailed instructions.

Web resources

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