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Automated Testing using Jenkins

Jenkins is a useful tool that allows automatic testing of applications on different machines/HPC-centres. It is used to test large Codebases like COSMO or ICON.


Your Code or appliaction needs to be accessible as a Git repository on either GitHub or GitLab@dkrz. A valid Jenkins account to visit the Jenkins webpage jenkins-mch.cscs.ch to configure your tests is required too.

Why use Jenkins

Scientific applications often run in many different configurations and on different computers accross multiple HPC-centres. Therefore it is very time-consuming to always test all configurations manually. Jenkins helps you the automate the testing of your application and therefore can help to save you a lot of time. Jenkins also helps to ensure the correct functioning of your Code after major refactoring, to avoid surprises that would be discovered at a later stage.

Who should use Jenkins

In general, Jenkins can be used by all people.

Setting up your own Jenkins plan

  • Access - How is the access to Jenkins organized
  • Beginners - Step-by-step guide to your first Jenkins plan
  • Advanced - Jenkins has some nice advanced features

Slaves in Jenkins

  • Slaves - What are slaves in Jenkins

General recommendations

Maintenance (for Jenkins admin)

Jenkins Maintenance page (requires to be in MeteoSwiss group)

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