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Code Management

Version Control Systems

  • Git, our recommended version control system
  • SVN, an older and less powerful version control system


  • Overview about Jenkins, the CI used at C2SM
  • clim-sanity-checker, a tool to statistically compare multiannual experiments against references, used for ECHAM, SOCOL and ICON
  • SAMOA - Sanity check for Models of the Atmosphere
  • CCLM-TS - COSMO-CLM climatological test suite
  • E-TOOL/E-TOOL-VIS - Tool to compare COSMO output to EOBS data


  • Spack, a versatile package manager to build software on HPC-machines.
  • Fortran Compiler overview - a compilation of options for PGI, GNU, INTEL, Cray and IBM

Write Code

  • Advices on writing code in COSMO
  • Some more advices on writing code in COSMO, but also applicable to any other Fortran code


There are many obvious advantages of documenting code. Properly-documented code makes it easier to trace and squash bugs, to re-use and exchange code, to maintain it over the long run, and to improve both the scientific productivity and the code quality.

Here are some tools for automatic documentation of code:

For IDL, the software manufacturer proposes to documentation routines using standard headers. More

Tools to analyse executables

  • TotalView - Interactive debugger with support for Fortran, C, C++, MPI, Trash.OpenMP and threads
  • pgprof - Interactive profiler


CM Web Utilities

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